10 Simple Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are not just limited to professional athletes. Due to the nature of sports, especially when it comes to high impact (running and tennis) and contact (football, soccer, lacrosse) sports, injuries are quite common even for the amateur athlete. That is why we believe that chiropractic treatment in sports is now a necessity. Here are some of the roles that a chiropractor can play when it comes to sports.

9. Maintain the Proper Posture and Technique


Each sport, be it running or working out at the gym has a specific way of how to do it. Good posture helps align body parts such as maintaining a flat back to align the musculoskeletal structure.

Poor posture and techniques lead to injuries to muscles, tendons, break/twist bones. For example, lifting heavy equipment at the gym tears muscles. Professional trainers and coaches help teach athletes the right posture and technique. That helps them avoid injury and increase efficiency and promote gains.